Have winter gear or apparel that you’ve outgrown or no longer use? If it’s in good shape, bring it by Latitude 44 Sports and we’ll sell it for you! We make the process easy. Simply bring your goods by our shop, we’ll set up an account for you, inspect and list the items, and ask for your pricing recommendation. We’ll then place your product(s) on the floor and do our best to sell your goods.

Regarding our rates, you, the consignor, will receive the following percentage of the gross selling price of any consigned item: 80% on all items $300 and over; 70% on all items $200 to $299; and 60% on all items $0 to $199. Latitude 44 Sports will be entitled to the remaining portion of the selling price of the item. Note that Lat 44 will discount the price by 10% after 60 days, and an additional 10% every 30 days after that. 

Additionally, consignors will receive a 10% bonus on the Consignor’s credit that the consignor uses for in-store purchases. 

Payments will be held for 7 days from the date of the item sale. Lat 44’s payment will be by check and only upon the explicit request of the consignor.